Hearts Paper Chain

kid made with watercolors

The kids made these heart paper chains and they totally became immersed in the process. First we painted the strips of paper which they liked but didn’t love, I mean they weren’t really sure why they were painting 40 strips of paper. But then when I showed them how to staple them together, they were like “holy awesomeness!!!”.

kid made with watercolors

kid made with watercolors

Here’s what you need:

~ Paper strips cut into 8″ x 1 1/2″ strips (we love sulphite paper, but you can use regular construction paper or even just copy paper if that’s all you have)

~ Watercolors (we used liquid watercolors, but you can use just regular palette watercolors if that’s what you have)

~ Stapler

kid made with watercolors

How to:

~ I forgot to take photos of them painting the strips. But nothing too difficult to report. Just paint, maybe in a stripy pattern, or whatever they want.

~ Let them dry.

~ Use this tutorial to make the hearts paper chain. So simple and so fun!

kid made with watercolors

You could also use just regular colored paper, or patterned scrapbook papers – you don’t have to paint. I just wanted to share this cool technique that I found on the wonderful interweb!

xo, Bar