Easy Forts

Kids love forts! It’s true. I have never met a child who doesn’t love small, enclosed spaces where they can hide their stuff, and hide themselves. I remember as a kid begging my parents to let me sleep in the basement, in the small storage room that was full of secret stuff. They let me! I moved my bed and all of my nicknacks to the basement. I remember that first night, feeling so lucky to have a “new room” that was dark and small and fort-ish (emphasis on “ish”). It was an exciting time! Until I heard the scratch, scratch of little teeny paws.

The fort my son and I built is much cheerier, and easy! No moving furniture, or living with mice. All you need is this:





Hammer and nail

Ideally, you need to be able to stretch the string from one point in the room, across to another point. I used a tiny nail at the corner of a window frame. No damage done.

My son spends days in his fort (no nights yet, but soon). We can pack it up, and build it again and again…whenever he’s in the mood to escape ‘the sisters’!