Bubble Wrap Printing

make homemade wrapping paper

This is a very fun and quite simple art idea for the whole family. All my kids got involved — my 6-yr old stayed with it for hours! We printed on a long roll of paper (our intention was to make wrapping paper), but you can also just use sheets and hang them up as art!

kids make wrapping paper from bubble wrap printing

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bubble wrap

coffee can (or any container that is sturdy)

duck tape


paint brushes

Cut a piece of bubble wrap and fold it over the top of the can (with the lid on). Use duct tape to secure it so it’s tight. Mix a color and paint it on the bubble wrap. Try not to push too hard — you want to paint the bubbles, but not the crevices in between. Paint fast before the paint dries, then turn it over onto the paper and press down.

It may take a few stamps to get it right, but the beauty of this project is that even if you are too heavy-handed, or the opposite — it’s printmaking and it’s supposed to be imperfect!

I am a big believer in never going for perfection. Point out to your kids how beautiful each stamp is — no two are alike (just like snowflakes).

kids make wrapping paper from bubble wrap printing

kids make wrapping paper from bubble wrap printing

We wrapped teacher gifts with the paper. I will share more of our wrapping papers in my next post!

xo, Bar