• Valentine’s Temporary Tattoos for Kids

    My kids love temporary tattoos, and they are a great little gift for the kids in class because it’s not candy! I used a really cute “Mom” tattoo for these Valentine’s cards for the class last year. But now they are no longer available. Darn! I found one that is similar, though, so don’t worry. …

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  • Typography: 10 Tips for your Blog Photos

    I am a font snob. It’s true. As a graphic designer, I am a total geek about typography. I even read type journals. People who design fonts are rock stars in my world. The reason I love fonts so much is because they are the foundation of good design. Sometimes I get asked how I …

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  • Love This {six}

    And now for my monthly (ish) round-up of the things I’m loving these days. But first, a quote for my girls. School starts tomorrow for all three of my kids. My son is entering third grade, one daughter is entering sixth grade at the middle school, and the oldest is starting ninth grade at the …

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  • Pop of Color: Minty

    I’m starting a new series today called… Pop of Color! I am a color enthusiast and am always torturing myself with what colors to choose. I love living vicariously through other people’s choices, though. It’s so much easier. Today’s color is minty! I put the “y” at the end because it can sometimes be a …

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  • Underwater Photography by Alix Martinez

    I am so proud of my friend Alix Martinez! She was featured on the NBC Today Show last week for her ethereal and beautiful photos of children playing underwater. I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Alix and her incredible artistic eye. I even hired her last year to take photos of my son’s birthday …

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  • Make + Share on Instagram // #makeit2014

    Are you on Instagram yet? Well hurry up and get on already! I know you. You’re like, what, another social media thingy? But trust me, it’s bonkers how much fun and easy Instagram is. Here’s why I love it (and why you should join a.s.a.p!!): 1) How often do you have your good camera on you …

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  • Holiday Postcards

    Did you know that I have a postcard company? It’s called Late Night Cake and today I am launching my third full season! Here is the very condensed version of why I started this business. I had been making postcards for my own family for many years. I loved that they were quirky and completely original, I …

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  • Food label and gift tag designed for a client's homemade treats

    Homemade Label for Homemade Treats

    I designed these labels for my friend (and #1 fan), Carrie. I have been turning away graphic design work lately because I want to focus on a few new ventures. But I couldn’t say no because she really is the best kind of client. She gives me a few boundaries, like color and size, but …

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  • Craft Table // Valentines

    This week was tough. My daughter was home from school (again) with her mysterious malaise, and I had two important deadlines to meet for work. But now it’s Friday – yippee! I stayed up late last night to finish my jobs and after they were sort-of wrapped up, I downloaded these photos from my camera. …

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  • Family Reunion Tees

    “Finally, the concept of a cool family reunion t-shirt is no longer an oxymoron!” says the infinitely talented Angela Hardison. I came across Angela’s shop recently and I have to say that she is a woman after my own heart. She started designing these t-shirts for her own family reunions. After many years and many requests …

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