Teen Crafts

  • Leaf Drawing with Chalk Markers

    Yesterday I found this big and beautiful leaf on a walk with a friend. I tried hard not to pick up every leaf that I saw because my kids keep telling me that’s weird and annoying. So I restrained myself and only stopped to pick up this one. How could I not? I came home …

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  • paper made with splattered liquid watercolor

    Paper Lanterns // Made by Kids

    Maybe it’s me, but I felt like I needed a little departure from Holiday and leaves and fall colors. These lanterns were made by my art campers, ages four to six. Aren’t they so pretty? This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! Materials for splatter paper: Gray sulphite paper (12 x 18) …

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  • Dip-Dyed Pumpkin Garland

    I love when the vision I have in my mind’s eye comes to fruition. It never really happens all that much, I have to admit. I start many projects that I end up throwing away. It’s true! But I lucked out this time. I wanted to make a seasonal garland that was simple and light …

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  • the most beautiful painted leaves

    14 Amazing DIY Painted Leaves

    Are you ready for Fall? Here on the East Coast, we had an absolutely beautiful summer. The most gorgeous, perfect weather that I can ever remember. It was one of those summers that made me feel like I was living in California, not Connecticut. Absolute heaven. Needless to say, nobody is ready for the cold …

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  • Weaving with Kids

    I’ve been a wee bit obsessed with weaving lately (ha ha), ever since May when I saw these beautiful pieces made by Rachel Denbow. After seeing cardboard looms all over Pinterest this summer, which totally fueled my fixation, I decided to make some looms myself for my little campers. The week we made these I had …

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  • Cardboard Theatre

    My fourteen-year-old daughter came home from her last day of 8th grade with this!! I mean….OMG!! I immediately took about a million photos of it, from all sorts of various angles. I was asking her a million questions, like how did she come up with this idea, how did she make it, did your art …

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  • kids can create henna hands for their friends with washable neon markers

    Henna Hands by Kids

    There is a fad brewing in our house. My daughter and her friend, both 11, came downstairs the other day and showed me their hands. OMG, so beautiful! They had both created the coolest designs on each other with gel pens. Wow! They called them “henna hands”, named after the Indian tradition of painting on your body …

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  • Make Pretty Things with Paint Chips

    Using paint chips to make art and crafts is pure genius. They are so colorful, and they are free! There are so many ways to create with paint chips I had a hard time picking. Just type “paint chip” in the Pinterest search bar and you can scroll for ages. But I wanted my round …

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  • Pretty Little Bunting // Paint + Stamping

    Since I’ve opened up my home to art classes and art camp for little kids, I’ve had supplies out night and day. It’s been so tempting to just sit down and make something for myself. So I did…and I really think you can make this, too! A few supplies are needed: (affiliate links) Watercolor paper …

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  • DIY Painted Father’s Day Tie

    I bought this tie kit three or four years ago and every time I take it out, it feels too daunting. But for some reason it has been beckoning be lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve been rearranging my art supplies and I just keep moving it from one place to another. I guess I just …

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