Teen Crafts

  • Transform a paper plate into a work of art with colorful washi tape.

    Washi Tape Paper Plates

    Paper plates are a fantastic art material. I mean, there are literally hundreds of crafts on Pinterest that use paper plates! I think the possibilities are endless, they really are. I especially love what my friend Leslie from Pink Stripey Socks does with paper plates. I think she needs to write a book! And we’ve …

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  • Watercolor Valentine Hearts

    It occurred to me today, as my daughter was painting hearts, that I should share with you the way we’ve been painting hearts for years. I even dug up an old photo of my other daughter from 6 years ago and she is painting hearts the same way. It’s not anything all that revelatory, but I …

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  • Kids use their hands to squeeze together bits of polymer clay and then use a flattening machine to make these unusual and colorful necklaces.

    Kid Made Polymer Clay Necklaces

    Have you or your kids ever used polymer clay? I walked by it at the craft store for years. I figured it was just another expensive craft material that would sit around and not be used. Oh, I could not have been more wrong! I was introduced to the world of polymer clay by my …

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  • making homemade rainbow soap with kids

    Homemade Rainbow Soap with Kids

    This past summer in art camp we tried something totally different and new: soap making! I researched heavily, relying on the trial and error of other bloggers. I loved the goat milk soaps made by the kids at Purple Twig – especially with their use of flowers and herbs – but ultimately I decided to …

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  • create a white cake and let the kids paint it with colored frosting

    A Painted Cake

    Last week my daughter turned thirteen. It was a pretty huge deal, as it should be. We had a massive party for her with obstacle courses, shaving cream fights, a dunk tank, and of course some arts and crafts. (With me as her mom this is unavoidable.) My favorite artsy idea of the whole party was …

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  • these dreamcatchers were made by 5-7yr olds in art camp

    DIY Dream Catchers // Made by Kids

    I’m so excited to finally get this post up!! We made these dream catchers during art camp in July and the kids were so into it. They really loved making all of the different elements: taping, wrapping, sewing, beading, painting and pom-pom making. It was a very busy three hours. I was SO proud of everything they …

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  • a collaborative chandelier with ribbons and pom-poms made by kids

    Ribbon Chandelier

    I’m so in love with this ribbon chandelier that the kids and I made together in art camp. I’ve been wanting to make one for a year, ever since I saw this one on Pinterest made with fabric strips. A few weeks ago, I was teaching a week of art camp centered around fabric and textiles, …

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  • make beautiful marbled paper with shaving cream

    DIY Marbled Paper

    Have you ever tried marbling paper with shaving cream? We’ve done it in art camp many, many times. Yes, it’s messy. But it’s also magical. The kids usually make and make until all the shaving cream is used up. This last time we went through six cans! I think they look like those beautiful Italian marbled …

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  • make a beautiful weaving from an ordinary branch

    Branch Weaving

    I’ve been wanting to weave on a branch for years. That might sound strange to an ordinary person, but for this textile design geek it’s a perfectly normal dream! Since my windows of making-alone-time are far and few between, I didn’t spend a whole lot of time finding the perfect branch. I literally took this …

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  • Melted Crayon Butterflies

    My girls and I tried something new over the weekend. They are twelve and fifteen, and it takes a lot of convincing for them to sit at the table and make art these days. But when they saw there was an iron involved, they did not hesitate, ha! This project was so fun. They did it …

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