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  • Fluffy Bubblegum Slime

    I know, I know, we are behind on this one. Slime was the hot viral sensation six months ago back in January, when we shot and filmed this post. My fourteen-year old daughter, Ava, has been utterly and completely obsessed with making slime. She is the one who made up this recipe, she is the one who …

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  • Potions Week at Art Camp

    Oh my goodness, this was the most fun week of camp ever. It was truly epic! It wasn’t really as much of a “magic potions” week (like this day two summers ago which was the messiest fun ever), as it was a week about recipes and fizzing and mixing and just plain-old sensory messy fun. …

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  • Sock Caterpillars

    Hello! It’s been a while. I am busy writing a book (more to come on that later) and it’s taking all. my. time. I’m sorry for the inspiration gap. But today’s post is worth the wait! Last November, I interviewed Samara Caughey, owner of the famous children’s art studio Purple Twig, and one very creative …

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  • making homemade rainbow soap with kids

    Homemade Rainbow Soap with Kids

    This past summer in art camp we tried something totally different and new: soap making! I researched heavily, relying on the trial and error of other bloggers. I loved the goat milk soaps made by the kids at Purple Twig – especially with their use of flowers and herbs – but ultimately I decided to …

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  • shibori tie-dying with kids in art camp

    Shibori Dying Technique with Kids

    Shibori is a Japanese tie-dying technique. There are an infinite number of ways one can bind, stitch, fold, twist, or compress cloth for shibori, and each way results in very different patterns. We delved into shibori at art camp in July and it was epic!! I had eight kids that week, ages 5-7, and each of them took …

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  • these pipe cleaner wands are the perfect open-ended craft for a group of children

    Pipe Cleaner Wands at the Craft Fair

    Last Fall (yes, it takes me this long to post things sometimes) I was invited to set up a table at my children’s early childhood alma mater for their annual craft fair. I thought long and hard about what to do with the kids. I couldn’t do something with paint because most parents don’t want to travel around …

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  • Bird Finder Binoculars

    I love a simple craft that is completely child-led. These bird binoculars were such a hit with the kids during our “BIRDS & BUGS” week at art camp. They loved being able to pick out their own color combinations, wrap yarn and cut tape (two skills that take lots of concentration and make little ones feel …

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  • the best summer art camp ideas for kids

    58 Summer Art Camp Ideas

    Summer is in full swing over here! As some parts of the world are in the middle of winter (which I can’t fathom), I know this list of ideas will come in handy for indoor creativity as well. I teach art camp at my house all summer. I make long lists of crafts and activities to do with …

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  • Pantone Playdough + Gift Tag

    Making playdough is something I could do in my sleep. I have made it for so many years. It is so far superior to store bought in every way! First of all, it’s really soft. Secondly, it lasts forever. Third of all, it’s really cool to watch the liquid turn into a solid right before …

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  • Sensory Art Play with Easy Dough

    My friend Asia from Fun at Home with Kids has a new book! It’s called 150+ Screen Free Activities for Kids and it’s literally awesome. There are recipes for everything under the sun, from flubber to slime, moon sand to fizzy slush. There are also sections on homemade paints, small worlds, and DIY toys. If …

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