• The Book That Shaped My Parenting

    Today I want to share with you a book that I have read, re-read, dog-eared and scribbled side notes in for the past 10 years or longer. I am not getting paid for this post, it’s not a review. I just wanted to share a philosophy that has been my north star through almost all …

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  • Creativity is messy, but so important for the exploration of self.

    Creativity is Messy // Let Them Explore!

    As I child, I was always making. My mom taught me to sew when I was six, on an old Singer that had a hand crank. I would sew pillows and bags and, eventually, my Halloween costumes. I also loved office supplies with a passion that was unusual for a small child. One of my …

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  • Good Enough Mothering

    It’s almost Mother’s Day here in the US. I’ve written a few posts over the years about my own mom (here and here), who is a very special person and someone I admire deeply. And a few days ago I wrote about how I think this holiday should really be called Mothering Day. So, today I’m …

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  • Some Words from Ken Robinson, Educator

    I have been doing some research lately on education. I have come across this series of TED talks by Sir Ken Robinson which are fascinating (if you’re into this stuff)! He is a British educator living in L.A., who has been called a creativity expert. He’s written some books and has a blog, but I haven’t read those (yet). …

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  • My Interview with NOT-SO-SAHM

    Today I was interviewed by blogger and not-so-stay-at-home-mom, Rebecca Green. Do you know her blog NOT-SO-SAHM? If you don’t then I think you should add it immediately to your list of favorites. And visit often! She has such a cool style, one that I would like to adopt. Her photos are so honest, and her writing …

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  • My Connecticut home on Design Mom

    Our Connecticut Home on Design Mom

    Today my house is on Design Mom!!! If you don’t know this blog then you’ve been missing out on one of the best. Created by Gabrielle Blair, mother of six, Design Mom is where motherhood meets design. Her daily inspirations are widespread and cover everything from DIY projects, book reviews, family-friendly travel (she moved to France …

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  • 13 Halloweens

    Warning: Halloweens make me cranky. When we celebrate Halloween this Friday, it will be my 14th one since becoming a mom. Every year I moan about it. Do I really have to retrieve that box of crap in the attic with all of the witches and skeletons? Do I really have to drape spider webs …

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  • Mothers

    These images were taken by Ken Heyman, a now 83 year old photographer who has been working since his 20’s when anthropologist Margaret Mead (his professor at the time) asked him to come along with her on a trip to Bali to photograph families. He’s always had an eye for being able to portray the human …

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  • Graduation Day + Summer Sign

    Yesterday was their last day of school. I celebrated by making a sign. No more making lunches!! No more homework!! The calendar is clear of teacher conferences, recitals, carpooling and tutors for the next eight weeks. Woohoo!!! It also happened to by my daughter’s graduation day from 8th grade. I wanted to create a little …

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  • Being Awesome + Love This {five}

    It’s time for my monthly (ish) round-up of the things I’m loving these days. But first… We had someone very close to us pass away this week. His heart stopped, at the age of 49. He left behind his beautiful daughter who is 14, and his dear and very spectacular wife. They are being brave …

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