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  • Wintery Mobiles with Kids

    I’ve been wanting to make these wintery mobiles for years and years, ever since I saw them on the Purple Twig blog back in 2014. Samara always has the very best ideas. She did them for an arts fair in her California community, and I wanted to set this up for a book event I …

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  • Painted Leaf Mobiles

    By now you know that I am usually very slow in getting my art projects posted here on the blog. This Fall I am mostly writing about things we made a year ago. These beautiful painted leaf mobiles are a case in point. My art students made them last October, but even more comical is …

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  • Painting Pumpkins with Kids

    I have been waiting a year to post this!! The kids actually painted these pumpkins last year in art class, but I was too busy writing my book to edit the photos. And then all of a sudden it was Christmas. But now…here they are! Aren’t they so gorgeous? I used this one trick which I will …

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  • Open-ended drawing prompts lead children to string a tree with drawings.

    The Drawing Tree

    Lately, I have found so much inspiration from my artsy friends on Instagram. Out of all social media platforms, I love IG the most because it’s just so easy. I love curating my own photos so that they look like a magazine spread (I obsess over color schemes just a little too much according to …

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  • the best summer art camp ideas for kids

    58 Summer Art Camp Ideas

    Summer is in full swing over here! As some parts of the world are in the middle of winter (which I can’t fathom), I know this list of ideas will come in handy for indoor creativity as well. I teach art camp at my house all summer. I make long lists of crafts and activities to do with …

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  • Beach Finds // Summer Art Making

    I love collecting things. I always have. As a kid I collected stamps, seashells, china animals, tea sets, and books (Peter Rabbit and Nancy Drew were my faves). My collected world, sitting in rows up on shelves or on my desk, made me feel safe. As an adult, I still love to collect but it …

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  • make a beautiful weaving from an ordinary branch

    Branch Weaving

    I’ve been wanting to weave on a branch for years. That might sound strange to an ordinary person, but for this textile design geek it’s a perfectly normal dream! Since my windows of making-alone-time are far and few between, I didn’t spend a whole lot of time finding the perfect branch. I literally took this …

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  • Washi Tape Leaves

    Recently, we went on vacation to a beautiful Caribbean island for a family reunion. We ate, slept, hiked, visited beaches, laughed with family, took a million photos, made some t-shirts, and just had the time of our lives. I brought with me a bag of washi tape (as most people do) because I thought it would …

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  • Art Assemblage with Kids // Pinecones & Pasta

    Assemblage is the art of assembling bits and pieces together to make 3-dimensional art. It can, and often does, involve collage. We’ve tackled assemblage before when the kids made these gorgeous trees. This time, however, we didn’t do much gluing. These latest pieces became more like sculptures than collages. The kids painted, beaded, and wrapped, enjoying …

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  • kids paint flowers in the style of Georgia O'Keefe

    Artist Study with Kids: Georgia O’Keeffe

    This is the fourth post in my Artist Study with Kids series. I’ve shared with you our Henri Matisse “painting with scissors” collage project, our Siona Delaunay paintings, and our Alexander Calder sculptures. Today I am presenting you with our flower paintings inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe, made by kids ages 4-8. I just love the observations skills used. It makes me admire these sweet, …

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