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  • Family Vacation Idea: Boston

    Road trip! Last summer we decided to take a spur-of-the-moment drive up to Boston. We live in southern Connecticut so it’s about a three hour drive. My kids had never been before, and I will admit that they weren’t super excited. Since it was a “surprise” I think they thought that the next words out of …

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  • Rhode Island Summers

    My husband’s parents have a house in Westerly. We’ve spent every summer there since my oldest daughter was born. I love it there for so many reasons, but the biggest reason of all is the time my kids get to spend with their grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. It’s a week where they don’t fight …

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  • My trip to LA with two tweens

    Our Trip to LA LA Land

    I recently took my daughters on a cross-country trip to LA. It was something I had been planning for a long time as a surprise…just us girls. It was such an incredible trip in so many ways!! First of all, LA has the best weather…duh. It’s absolutely perfect. Coolish in the mornings and at night …

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  • Martha’s Vineyard {family holiday}

    This summer we explored the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard. Lying just 6 miles off the southern coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, The Vineyard was once inhabited by the Wompanoag tribe and is now known for it’s gorgeous beaches, laid back style, and occasional vacationing president. Here are photos of some of our favorite spots …

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  • How to pack an efficient and small art bag for travel with kids

    Travel Art Bag

    We’re back from our February vacation! It was beautiful in the Dominican Republic and we feel so fortunate that we were invited to share a very memorable family vacation with grandparents. Despite several trips to the infirmary for various problems (which I will not elaborate on because I am pretending none of that happened), we …

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  • Biking around Amsterdam with kids

    Amsterdam Bike Trip with Kids

    Today I am revisiting one of my favorite European excursions ever. Three summers ago, we stayed in Amsterdam for a week. We spent most of the time visiting relatives and sightseeing. Day after day, we discussed whether or not we should take a bike trip into the countryside. My little guy was sick, my middle …

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  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

    Every year, we are lucky enough to see the Macy’s parade from my dad’s apartment. It is a complete and utter luxury that we try not to take for granted. A slice of Americana that is so festive and unique. Our favorite part by far is watching the marching bands. Top bands from all over …

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  • A fun trick to get kids to enjoy museums!

    Museums with Kids

    We live about an hour from New York City, which is very lucky. One train ride and we are in the Big Apple! We try to take advantage of this perk whenever possible, although I’ve found that it was actually easier when they were little and didn’t have homework and activities. One of my favorite …

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  • handmade journals for kids

    Making Travel Journals + Our Trip to Disney

    Ok, I will admit that this doesn’t look quick and easy. But it is! As you may remember, I’ve confessed to being inept at time management. It was the day (eve) before our Disney trip, and I forgot to buy the kids journals. This wouldn’t be a big deal if we were at home, but …

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