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Christmas Wrap Printable + Braided Rope

Christmas Wrap Printable + Braided Rope

Today I am sharing my first ever wrapping paper printable! Plus a really easy way to make braided rope from yarn. It literally takes a minute and is kind of magical.

Christmas trees printable wrapping paper

You can print this wrap in two sizes:

Christmas Tree Wrap 8.5 x 14 (legal sized paper)

Christmas Tree Wrap 11 x 17 (for large format printers)

DIY braided rope is so easy

Supplies for braided rope:

Yarn. And that’s it!

How to:

1. Cut a piece of yarn that is 6 times longer than the size of rope you will eventually need. I cut an 18′ piece of yarn and my rope ended up being about 3.5′ which goes around a small present and ties in a bow.

2. Fold the yarn in half. With a partner, each of you holding one end, start twisting in opposite directions.

3. When it’s as tightly twisted as can be, fold it in half. This is the magical part, because right after you do that it will start twisting on itself again. It’s hard to explain, but it just happens!

4. Tie the loose end with one knot and trim. Now you have braided rope!

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And now for some excellent BONUS material…

Today my fellow Rockin’ Art Moms (20 moms brought together by the love of making art with kids ~ we have an awesome Pinterest board that you should follow this instant!) all have their own versions of DIY wrap to share. Click below to find out more about any of these amazing projects.

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Printable Christmas Trees from moi, obviously

Swedish Dala Horse Wrap from Willow Day

{not pictured but so freakin’ cool you have to click over right now} Picture Frame Wrapping Paper by Meri Cherry

Enjoy blog hopping today!

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Painted Wooden Blocks

Painted Wooden Blocks

artistic DIY blocks make a beautiful gift

When the kids walked into art class last week and saw wooden blocks and paint, they couldn’t believe it! Were they really allowed to paint on them? One little girl told us a story about how she once drew on wooden blocks. She said her mom didn’t get mad. Then they all started to chat and share more stories, saying “me, too!” whenever they recognized familiar parts of someone else’s narrative. This block painting party was very much of a collaborative art experience, with all of the kids working towards one end and sharing the same experience. It was a beautiful thing!

artistic DIY blocks make a beautiful gift

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Here’s what you’ll need for your own block painting experience:


Wooden blocks (I got 1 1/2″ and 2″ cubes)

Liquid watercolor paint (this is a good starter kit, but we also used gold)

Recycled jars or glasses


artistic DIY blocks make a beautiful gift

Focus was intense from the beginning as they realized that each block has six sides!

artistic DIY blocks make a beautiful gift

Some kids are just inherently neat. Some are not.

artistic DIY blocks make a beautiful gift

This boy was the champ. He never stopped painting for an entire hour. He also discovered that you could print with the blocks if you put enough paint on and stamped it on the paper. It’s so exciting to watch discovery and creativity in action.

artistic DIY blocks make a beautiful gift

artistic DIY blocks make a beautiful gift

I can’t recommend this art experience enough! The results are so beautiful. You can keep the blocks for yourself, or give them as a gift. The holidays are coming soon!

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{Warning: These blocks are not safe for babies and toddlers who are still teething. The paint could come off in their mouths.}


Leaf Drawing with Chalk Markers

Leaf Drawing with Chalk Markers

Yesterday I found this big and beautiful leaf on a walk with a friend. I tried hard not to pick up every leaf that I saw because my kids keep telling me that’s weird and annoying. So I restrained myself and only stopped to pick up this one. How could I not? I came home and drew on it immediately. I love using chalk markers because they are neon, opaque, you can wipe them off with your finger (and some spit) if you mess up, they dry quickly, and they are super easy for kids to use.

so many reasons to love chalk markers

so many reasons to love chalk markers


Get them here.

Have a great weekend!

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