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  • Sugar cookies // dairy free

    Sugar Cookie Making {dairy free}

    We had our good friends over on New Year’s Eve, making cookies into the night. We then moved on to prosecco while the kids played, snuck out for a quick bite (it’s a good thing I have a 14 year old built-in babysitter), and watched the ball drop in our own beds at midnight. It …

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  • Breakfast Apple Crisps

    Today I am sharing with you one of our favorite desserts. The way we make it is so healthy (and sugar free….shhhhh, don’t tell the kids) that I often serve them up for breakfast. Topped with our secret dairy-free alternative to ice cream or whipped cream, these little guys are the best. Breakfast Apple Crisps …

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  • Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies // Paleo

    A few months back I talked about the paleo diet and shared my recipe for these delicious bars, which we make all the time. But a lot of paleo desserts aren’t sweet enough, or taste too much like coconut. That is why I my heart skipped a beat when I took my first bite of these …

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  • Make this simple donut cake for the birthday child

    Donut Cake Awesomeness!

    How brilliant is this cake? It pains me to say that it was not my idea. I was reading this fabulous blog, A Cup of Jo, and she made a donut cake for her son’s birthday. So I copied her idea. The donut cake is genius for several reasons: 1) no plates or forks needed, 2) …

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  • Paleo dream bars

    Paleo Dream Bars

    I have a pretty major sweet tooth. My only hope is to throw away all sweets, which I do periodically. But that leaves me with an empty, hopeless feeling. Life is blah without sweets. Lately, I’ve been trying to stock up on some homemade “healthy” sweets so I don’t feel so guilty and I don’t …

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  • Triple Berry Muffins / Dairy Free

    The idea behind this post was to get back to baking with my kids (after 2 months away, in someone else’s kitchen). I read a wonderful passage, in a book written by Katrina Kenison which inspired me to dig out my recipes and play! Katrina writes… The media tells us that cooking is drudgery. What better …

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