Collaborative Art

  • Children collaborate to make a painting from marshmallows

    Marshmallow Painting

    These photos are from two summers ago, if you can believe it. I was going to put this project in my book, but it ended up being one of the 22 art experiences on the cutting room floor. I am SO excited to finally share it with you now! This one was really fun, for obvious reasons. There was an …

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  • DIY Thanksgiving Banner

    One week until my favorite holiday of the year! I love Thanksgiving. It’s so much more relaxing than that December holiday. Four days of being with family is just what I need in the middle of this hectic book tour (which I have yet to write about but you can see some photos from my …

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  • Painted Birthday Banner

    This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! For the past few months I’ve been doing some birthday parties for other people. It’s sort of low key, I don’t advertise, and it grew out of my art classes. Many of the art class moms were asking me if I would consider coming to their …

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  • kids collaborate to paint the fabric in this homemade puppet theatre

    Homemade No-Sew Puppet Theatre

    This might be one of my all-time favorite collaborations my campers have ever done. I just love this puppet theatre – how gorgeous is that fabric? I know I’m not supposed to say that art is beautiful, and I don’t say that around my students, but to you I can say this. I mean, they …

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  • create a white cake and let the kids paint it with colored frosting

    A Painted Cake

    Last week my daughter turned thirteen. It was a pretty huge deal, as it should be. We had a massive party for her with obstacle courses, shaving cream fights, a dunk tank, and of course some arts and crafts. (With me as her mom this is unavoidable.) My favorite artsy idea of the whole party was …

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  • 4yr olds work together to make a big painting ~ collaborative art projects foster cooperation

    Collaborative Painting with Kids

    This project is one that I do over and over again with the 4yr olds in art class. I think all of the paintings they make could hang in a museum, but especially these large collaborative ones! It’s such a simple yet deeply fulfilling process-art experience for them. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your …

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  • Children collaborate to paint a fallen branch

    A Painted Branch // Collaborative Art with Kids

    This week for art class I tried something new. Our neighbor cut down some branches and left them on our property. They’d been there a while, actually. We kept thinking they would clean them up. As I was staring at them from the kitchen window Monday morning I thought that I should really make a …

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  • Kid Made: Thankful Table

    Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday because it is all about food, family, and relaxation. The absence of gift-giving takes takes away all pressures, and the long weekend that follows is always lazy and perfect. Sleeping in, family hikes, football games, leftovers, making crafts (of course)…it’s all good for the soul. Last year we had …

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