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  • Acrylics with Kids

    I’ll share a secret with you: I’ve always wished I was a painter. I envy artists who have their own painting studio where they can hide away and listen to music and paint whatever they want. I think it’s the introvert in me who loves this idea of solitude, and not having to please the …

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  • kids paint flowers in the style of Georgia O'Keefe

    Artist Study with Kids: Georgia O’Keeffe

    This is the fourth post in my Artist Study with Kids series. I’ve shared with you our Henri Matisse “painting with scissors” collage project, our Siona Delaunay paintings, and our Alexander Calder sculptures. Today I am presenting you with our flower paintings inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe, made by kids ages 4-8. I just love the observations skills used. It makes me admire these sweet, …

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  • Artist Study with Kids: Alexander Calder

    We had an artists week in art camp last summer (yes, it’s taken me this long to post everything). I’ve already shared with you our Henri Matisse “painting with scissors” collage project, and our Siona Delaunay paintings. Today I am presenting you with our Alexander Calder face sculptures. Ta-dah! Aren’t they so fantastic? Alexander Calder was …

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  • Artist Study with Kids: Sonia Delaunay

    Sonia Delaunay painted and designed fabric in Paris during much of the 1900’s. She is one of my favorite artists of all, and today I am sharing my Sonia art class project over on The Artful Parent. Click over and come visit me there!! The Artful Parent is a beautiful blog full of art and creativity, and a wonderful resource …

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  • kids make collage art inspired by Henri Matisse

    Painting with Scissors: Kids Study Matisse

    I’ve been waiting to post this series for months! I’m so excited to share the amazing art that my kids made in art camp last summer. We studied five artists over the course of a week and it was completely insane how much the kids got into it. Today I think it’s most appropriate to start …

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