A little about me: Bar Rucci

~ I share my home in Connecticut with my husband, three children, dog, fish, and a superb ensemble cast of grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, neighbors and friends.

~ I’m a graphic designer at b. rucci studio.

~ I create and sell custom postcards at late night cake.

~ I make quilts for people out of their old clothes at tender threads.

~ I wake up most mornings with my next great idea, and an eye-roll from my husband.

~ For me, a cup of tea and a good book makes everything ok again.

A little about my blog: Art Bar

~ This personal blog is a place for me to share and inspire.

~ I will showcase the most creative artists, curate the best crafts for at home and in the classroom, and share creations from my kids and my studio.

A little about my philosophy: Create a happy place!

~ I believe that every child is born an artist and that somehow, they lose the ability to think creatively when they reach adulthood. This blog will encourage and teach moms to find their inner artist by providing their kids with simple ways to express themselves and problem solve.

~ My wish is to create moments in childhood whereby a child can experience flow, a single-minded immersion in an activity that creates a feeling of spontaneous joy. From this kind of focus comes success, and from success comes praise from others. Praise from others (peers, teachers, coaches) in childhood is the key to adult happiness. Ahhhh…so simple!

~ My goal for my own children is to create memories of a home filled with art, music, books, crafts, games, baking, singing, dancing, dress-up, movie night, dog hair, cartwheels, fireflies, kisses, hugs, tooth fairies and smoothies.

~ Find your happy place at Art Bar.


~ If you want to dig a little deeper, you can read this interview I did for Hello, Wonderful, and see my home on Design Mom.


If you would like to reach me, you can visit my Facebook page, or contact me via e-mail at barbara@bruccistudio.com.

Copyright and Reposting Rules:

All content on this blog is copyright and owned by Art Bar Blog unless otherwise stated. I would be flattered if you wanted to use an image from one of my posts! But please, ask me first. I would also ask that if it involves DIY instructions with a list of supplies that you don’t repost any of that stuff because then nobody would have a reason to click back to my original post!