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Do you want to raise children who have the confidence to think outside of the box? Children who have the innate ability to problem solve and who think of themselves as creative?

Are you interested in providing your children with opportunities to make art with things you already have in the house?

Are you a teacher who wants to bring more art and creativity into the classroom, or a parent who needs some inspiration to live a more creative life at home?

Well you have come to the right place!

I believe that it is not only simple to empower children to use their imagination, but it is also imperative.

Young children are literally brimming with ideas all the time. As parents, teachers, and caregivers, we must continue to encourage creative exploration throughout early childhood all the way through high school. This is how we will raise creative thinkers who see other points of view, take risks, envision solutions, embrace diversity, value aesthetics, and innovate.

The world we live in is all but completely automated. Creativity is the most powerful competitive advantage a business can have. There are no “uncreative” industries. When we provide a space and some materials for our children to explore and create and tinker and invent, they are developing into adults who have the confidence to come up with new and valuable ideas that work, and they can bring this creativity into any field.

Are you with me?


I believe that everyone is born creative, and that somewhere along the way, we lose our ability to think creatively when we enter formal schooling.

What children really need during these formative years is space and time to explore their original ideas. They need to take creative risks daily so that they grow up feeling comfortable with mistakes, finding multiple solutions to a problem, and never losing touch with the creative child inside of them.

I believe that a few simple art materials, a table, and a parent or teacher who is willing to let go of expectations, is all that a child needs to flourish into a lifelong creative thinker.


I share my home in Connecticut with my husband, three children, and shedding labradoodle.

I teach art in my living room.

I was a graphic designer for fifteen years before becoming an art teacher.

If I could have any superpower it would be extreme strength and speed, with the sound effects (Bionic Woman anyone?).

I wish writing came easier, and daydreaming was a profession.

As a child, I loved Little House on the Prairie and John Denver the most.

For me, a cup of tea and a good book makes everything ok again.


If you’ve read this far, bravo! Here’s even more about me and my family if you haven’t had enough:

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My art projects have been featured in many publications, such as:

Fun at Home with Kids // You Are My Fave // The Artful Parent // Real Simple // Small for Big // Red Tricycle // Apartment Therapy


I can be reached here : hello@artbarstudio.com


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Thank you for reading until the very end!

xoxo Bar

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