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  • Children create mixed-media collage paintings on recycled paper bags.

    Paper Bag Collage Art

    I am so very excited to introduce you to a new contributor to Art Bar. Please welcome Shannon Merenstein from Hatch Art Studio in Pittsburgh!! Shannon has the most beautiful Instagram feed where she shares truly original and open-ended art ideas for children. I have been so inspired by her this past year that I sent her …

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  • Make these artistic and painterly hearts using cereal boxes and acrylics.

    Cardboard Hearts from Cereal Boxes

    You know I love using materials that are free. One of my faves is cereal boxes. They have that cardboard box look, but easier to cut! I save practically every cereal box we ever eat, and we eat a ton of cereal. I’m always trying to find ways to make the humble cereal box feel …

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  • Love, not hate, makes America great // free downloadable poster

    Love not Hate

    I made this sign with cut paper letters for the Women’s March in DC that I’m going to with my daughter on Saturday. I posted it on Instagram and got lots of comments to make it a printable. So here it is, I hope it works! I’m sort of bad at making downloads. Click here for …

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  • Wintery Mobiles with Kids

    I’ve been wanting to make these wintery mobiles for years and years, ever since I saw them on the Purple Twig blog back in 2014. Samara always has the very best ideas. She did them for an arts fair in her California community, and I wanted to set this up for a book event I …

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  • Doily Snowflake Stars

    The idea for these beautiful, lacy snowflake stars came from the paperbag stars we made last summer. SITS Girls had the original idea and made them out of white paper bags. I became obsessed with them because they are so fast and easy! So last summer we made them in art camp and painted them …

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  • The Best of Art Bar 2016

    This is my favorite part of the year, when I get to go back through all of my posts and analyze which ones did the best. It gets me so excited and geared up for the new year, because now I know what you want more of – colorful and simple ideas with few supplies, …

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