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  • Start an art journal with easy art prompts! Great for children and grown-ups who want to tap into their creative energy.

    Starting an Art Journal

    Today I bring out my art journal, an old friend who needed some attention. I’ve started a thousand journals in my lifetime. When I was young, I called them diaries. I had many. The ones with locks were the most coveted. I would write feverishly in a new diary for the first six to eight pages. After …

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  • Fluffy Bubblegum Slime

    I know, I know, we are behind on this one. Slime was the hot viral sensation six months ago back in January, when we shot and filmed this post. My fourteen-year old daughter, Ava, has been utterly and completely obsessed with making slime. She is the one who made up this recipe, she is the one who …

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  • Children collaborate to make a painting from marshmallows

    Marshmallow Painting

    These photos are from two summers ago, if you can believe it. I was going to put this project in my book, but it ended up being one of the 22 art experiences on the cutting room floor. I am SO excited to finally share it with you now! This one was really fun, for obvious reasons. There was an …

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  • Make an (almost) perfect rainbow pom-pom with this simple DIY.

    Rainbow Pom-Pom DIY

    We make pom-poms all the time in art class, and at home. It seems like whenever we have a little time left over, the kids gravitate towards the basket of yarn and ask to make pom-poms. I thought I would show you my best attempt at a perfect rainbow pom-pom, using our favorite pom-pom makers. …

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  • Hollowed out eggs, marbleized with nail polish

    How to Hollow Out an Egg

    Have you ever hollowed out an egg? Otherwise known as blowing out an egg – but I can’t say that without making a weird face, so I’m sticking with hollow. I have a vague memory of doing this as a child. I remember the “blow really hard” part because it’s such an unusual thing to do …

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  • Children use this one prompt to create imagination-filled portraits

    Self Portraits: What Does Your Imagination Look Like?

    { This post written by my lovely contributor, Shannon Merenstein of Hatch art studio. } There are so many ways to approach self portraits with children: observation, inspired by a particular artist, symbols of interests and activities, the list goes on. This time, I wanted to create an engaging, multi media self portrait that could …

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  • An interview with Kim Poler, owner of the children's art studio Beehive Art in Wayland, MA

    Art Educator Interview: Kim Poler from Beehive Art Studio

    I am beyond thrilled today to introduce you to my friend and art teacher extraordinaire, Kim Poler. She is the most innovative and enterprising woman I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, and the visionary behind Beehive Art studio in Wayland, Massachusetts. Kim never ever ceases to amaze me with her energy and her plethora of process-art ideas. Her …

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  • Cardboard letters wrapped with yarn made by kids.

    Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Letters

    I’ve been wanting to share these cardboard letters for so long! My art camp kids made them back in July. The other day, as I was going through these photos, I realized that four of the letters spelled C.A.L.M. Boy, did I need this message. If there is anything that I am not these days, …

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  • Children create mixed-media collage paintings on recycled paper bags.

    Paper Bag Collage Art

    I am so very excited to introduce you to a new contributor to Art Bar. Please welcome Shannon Merenstein from Hatch Art Studio in Pittsburgh!! Shannon has the most beautiful Instagram feed where she shares truly original and open-ended art ideas for children. I have been so inspired by her this past year that I sent her …

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  • Make these artistic and painterly hearts using cereal boxes and acrylics.

    Cardboard Hearts from Cereal Boxes

    You know I love using materials that are free. One of my faves is cereal boxes. They have that cardboard box look, but easier to cut! I save practically every cereal box we ever eat, and we eat a ton of cereal. I’m always trying to find ways to make the humble cereal box feel …

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