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  • Tracing is Fun and There Are Benefits!

    Transparency film is an amazing art material that I never knew about until recently, and now a whole world has opened up for us. The world of tracing! Let me tell you more. Last month I was reading through Meri Cherry‘s new e-book called Art Secrets Every Teacher Should Know, A Reggio Inspired Approach, and I saw something new, which …

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  • Painting Pumpkins with Kids

    I have been waiting a year to post this!! The kids actually painted these pumpkins last year in art class, but I was too busy writing my book to edit the photos. And then all of a sudden it was Christmas. But now…here they are! Aren’t they so gorgeous? I used this one trick which I will …

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  • It’s Finally Here…. Meet My Book!

    I’ve been waiting and waiting for my book to arrive at my house for weeeeeks. In my mind, I pictured it’s arrival with champagne and party hats and music and cake and jumping for joy and basically just an all day party. But, well…this is real life, and the package actually sat at the front …

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  • Acrylics with Kids

    I’ll share a secret with you: I’ve always wished I was a painter. I envy artists who have their own painting studio where they can hide away and listen to music and paint whatever they want. I think it’s the introvert in me who loves this idea of solitude, and not having to please the …

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