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  • Easiest Gingerbread House Party Ever

    We make these gingerbread houses every year. Sometimes we make them late in the season (like after-Christmas-late), and sometimes I am so organized I even make an invitation! If you are feeling efficient and organized these days, then scroll down to the bottom for a fun and free printable invitation I made for you. Oh, …

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  • Patchwork Houses with Cardboard and Collage

    I have been saving this post for two years. Why? Because I really, really wanted to create my first ever craft kit out of this patchwork house art activity. I still am thinking about doing it, but my pace is so slow these days and I just couldn’t wait any longer to share this simple …

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  • Art Educator Interview: Erin Boniferro from Collage Collage

    Today I am SO very excited to share my second Art Educator Interview with you. (My first interview was last November with Samara from Purple Twig – I had every intention of a bi-monthly series, but apparently this was biting off more than I could chew! I will now make up for lost time.) Let me introduce you …

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  • DIY Thanksgiving Banner

    One week until my favorite holiday of the year! I love Thanksgiving. It’s so much more relaxing than that December holiday. Four days of being with family is just what I need in the middle of this hectic book tour (which I have yet to write about but you can see some photos from my …

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  • Painted Leaf Mobiles

    By now you know that I am usually very slow in getting my art projects posted here on the blog. This Fall I am mostly writing about things we made a year ago. These beautiful painted leaf mobiles are a case in point. My art students made them last October, but even more comical is …

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  • Painting and Printing on the Bubble Wrap Tree

    Are you ready for a really simple idea that guarantees hours of artistic exploration, where the mess is contained outside, and you’ll have the coolest art to hang on your wall, and your children will learn about color, shape, size, printmaking, taking turns, and you can use supplies you already have on hand? Then let …

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  • Art Workshop for Children Blog Tour 2016

    To say that I am excited for this blog tour kickoff would be an understatement. I am over the moon ecstatic!!!! I’ve been planning this tour for months, and today is the kickoff day. Get ready to learn about what’s inside my book, and meet 26 incredible bloggers who are not only talented, but also generous and …

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  • Draw a Friend // Portraits by Kids for the Classroom

    I am a picture book lover and collector, and my favorite ones are about friendship. When my children were little and September came around, there were certain books I would always pull out and read with them prior to the first day or school and throughout those first few weeks. These books were like old …

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  • I Made a Trailer for My New Book!

    My book has arrived at people’s doorstep. It’s finally in the hands of my family and friends and fans. I am over the moon!! I really love it and I know you will, too. I wasn’t going to make this little movie because a) I didn’t know if I had shot any footage (it’s been two …

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  • Tracing is Fun and There Are Benefits!

    Transparency film is an amazing art material that I never knew about until recently, and now a whole world has opened up for us. The world of tracing! Let me tell you more. Last month I was reading through Meri Cherry‘s new e-book called Art Secrets Every Teacher Should Know, A Reggio Inspired Approach, and I saw something new, which …

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