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  • Cut Dala horse shapes from cardboard and let the kids paint and embellish - perfect party craft!

    Dala Horse Party Craft

    I’m in birthday party mode these days. Two weeks ago I shared my collaborative banner idea, and today I am so happy to share this cute craft I did for a horse-loving six-year old. It’s really so simple and easy to prepare. The hardest part is cutting the cardboard (think: hand-strengthening exercise!). But I have …

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  • The Book That Shaped My Parenting

    Today I want to share with you a book that I have read, re-read, dog-eared and scribbled side notes in for the past 10 years or longer. I am not getting paid for this post, it’s not a review. I just wanted to share a philosophy that has been my north star through almost all …

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  • Painted Birthday Banner

    This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! For the past few months I’ve been doing some birthday parties for other people. It’s sort of low key, I don’t advertise, and it grew out of my art classes. Many of the art class moms were asking me if I would consider coming to their …

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  • kids collaborate to paint the fabric in this homemade puppet theatre

    Homemade No-Sew Puppet Theatre

    This might be one of my all-time favorite collaborations my campers have ever done. I just love this puppet theatre – how gorgeous is that fabric? I know I’m not supposed to say that art is beautiful, and I don’t say that around my students, but to you I can say this. I mean, they …

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