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  • Cardboard Fairy Wings

    Today I’m overjoyed to be over on The Artful Parent, sharing the details about these beautiful cardboard wings made by my five and six-year olds in Art Camp! Jean has one of those blogs that you can spend hours reading. She has the best ideas for creating an artful home, and is the author of …

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  • these pipe cleaner wands are the perfect open-ended craft for a group of children

    Pipe Cleaner Wands at the Craft Fair

    Last Fall (yes, it takes me this long to post things sometimes) I was invited to set up a table at my children’s early childhood alma mater for their annual craft fair. I thought long and hard about what to do with the kids. I couldn’t do something with paint because most parents don’t want to travel around …

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  • a collaborative chandelier with ribbons and pom-poms made by kids

    Ribbon Chandelier

    I’m so in love with this ribbon chandelier that the kids and I made together in art camp. I’ve been wanting to make one for a year, ever since I saw this one on Pinterest made with fabric strips. A few weeks ago, I was teaching a week of art camp centered around fabric and textiles, …

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  • make beautiful marbled paper with shaving cream

    DIY Marbled Paper

    Have you ever tried marbling paper with shaving cream? We’ve done it in art camp many, many times. Yes, it’s messy. But it’s also magical. The kids usually make and make until all the shaving cream is used up. This last time we went through six cans! I think they look like those beautiful Italian marbled …

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  • Bird Finder Binoculars

    I love a simple craft that is completely child-led. These bird binoculars were such a hit with the kids during our “BIRDS & BUGS” week at art camp. They loved being able to pick out their own color combinations, wrap yarn and cut tape (two skills that take lots of concentration and make little ones feel …

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  • DIY handmade flowers with crepe paper and pom-poms

    Pom-Pom Paper Flowers

    I’ve always wanted to paint crepe paper to look like flower petals. Have you? I get these ideas in my head sometimes and I just have to try them so that I can make room for more ideas! I made these in June and gave them to a few of my favorite teachers. Through trial and error, …

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