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  • Beach Finds // Summer Art Making

    I love collecting things. I always have. As a kid I collected stamps, seashells, china animals, tea sets, and books (Peter Rabbit and Nancy Drew were my faves). My collected world, sitting in rows up on shelves or on my desk, made me feel safe. As an adult, I still love to collect but it …

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  • Circus Tents Made by Kids

    Today I am so happy to share these amazing circus tents over on Handmade Charlotte! I love that blog. I’ve been stalking it since before I started my own blog. Click over, check out all the details, and get inspired. My art class kids loved making these and were so proud of their handmade toy. xo, Bar  

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  • Paper Bag Art Portfolio

    I teach art class twice a week for an hour. I have six kids in each class. We work in my living room. The classes are small and completely perfect. At the end of each six-week session, I put each child’s work into a paper bag portfolio. I like to think that I invented these, …

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  • make a beautiful weaving from an ordinary branch

    Branch Weaving

    I’ve been wanting to weave on a branch for years. That might sound strange to an ordinary person, but for this textile design geek it’s a perfectly normal dream! Since my windows of making-alone-time are far and few between, I didn’t spend a whole lot of time finding the perfect branch. I literally took this …

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  • Family Vacation Idea: Boston

    Road trip! Last summer we decided to take a spur-of-the-moment drive up to Boston. We live in southern Connecticut so it’s about a three hour drive. My kids had never been before, and I will admit that they weren’t super excited. Since it was a “surprise” I think they thought that the next words out of …

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