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  • kids paint Easter eggs with a toothbrush

    Toothbrush Easter Eggs

    Yesterday, in art class, I clicked the camera to video and was able to capture this project in action. The kids were in such flow, so engaged with the process, that there was not much for me to do. Other than watch and record. I love the days when they create without being led. Just completely …

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  • Some Words from Ken Robinson, Educator

    I have been doing some research lately on education. I have come across this series of TED talks by Sir Ken Robinson which are fascinating (if you’re into this stuff)! He is a British educator living in L.A., who has been called a creativity expert. He’s written some books and has a blog, but I haven’t read those (yet). …

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  • kids love painting on new materials ~ here kids use tempera paints to create little works of art

    Mini Canvas Paintings with Kids

    I’m so in love with these mini paintings my four-year olds made. Aren’t they beautiful? I found a roll of canvas in my attic. The same roll that I had been lugging around since college!! Yes, it’s true. For more than 20 years that roll has been moving from apartment to apartment and house to …

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  • Styrofoam Printing with Kids

    Printmaking is a fine art that involves making a “master plate” which you then can use to make multiple images. There are so many ways to print, it’s almost endless! Potato and veggie printing, linoleum printing, mono prints, raised foam printing, bubble wrap printing, yarn printing… basically any object you can find can be used …

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  • Rolled Paper Sculptures

    My four-year old art students never cease to amaze me. Each week I spend a LOT of time thinking up projects for class. My main objectives for their art experiences are that they are: A) mostly process-oriented, and B) exciting! Because you never know with four-year olds. I’ve had my share of “this is boring” and “i don’t like …

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  • Artist Study with Kids: Alexander Calder

    We had an artists week in art camp last summer (yes, it’s taken me this long to post everything). I’ve already shared with you our Henri Matisse “painting with scissors” collage project, and our Siona Delaunay paintings. Today I am presenting you with our Alexander Calder face sculptures. Ta-dah! Aren’t they so fantastic? Alexander Calder was …

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