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  • Egg Carton Chimes

    We eat a lot of eggs. And I’m a collector, so therefore I have an overflowing pile of egg cartons. Even worse, they are in my living room (where I teach art classes). So I do try and work my ever-growing pile of recycled materials into my art projects. Not only because they are cost-free, …

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  • My Interview with NOT-SO-SAHM

    Today I was interviewed by blogger and not-so-stay-at-home-mom, Rebecca Green. Do you know her blog NOT-SO-SAHM? If you don’t then I think you should add it immediately to your list of favorites. And visit often! She has such a cool style, one that I would like to adopt. Her photos are so honest, and her writing …

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  • bracelets made by kids with duct tape and washi tape

    Washi Tape Bracelets

    We were away last week in the beautiful island of St. Barth’s. It was fourteen of us, living together in a villa for a family reunion like no other. My dad lives down in St. Barth’s with his wife, Ann, for part of the year. They invited me, my brother and my sister (and even my …

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  • DIY Pom Pom Garland

    I fell in love with this garland from Antrhopologie in December. I had some leftover pom-poms from the Christmas tree, so I decided to add a few more and make my own garland! It’s actually super easy, just takes a little time. I made pom-poms at night by the fire while watching hockey games with my …

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  • heart shaped potato stamped garland on phone book pages

    Potato Print Garland

    There is something about potato stamps that makes me think of my childhood. I’m not even sure I ever did potato stamping, but it’s more the look that the stamping provokes: imperfect, smudgy, and just authentically kid-like. I was hoping my art class students would be into it. And to my eternal relief…they were! How …

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  • The Artful Year // Author Interview with Jean Van’t Hul

    Today I am interviewing the talented, prolific, and beautiful mother/blogger/author Jean Van’t Hul. Her blog The Artful Parent is one of my go-to blogs for art, creativity, parenting and just…reading! I love everything she writes about. The childhood wonder and connections that she creates for her girls and then shares with us is really quite …

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  • Artist Study with Kids: Sonia Delaunay

    Sonia Delaunay painted and designed fabric in Paris during much of the 1900’s. She is one of my favorite artists of all, and today I am sharing my Sonia art class project over on The Artful Parent. Click over and come visit me there!! The Artful Parent is a beautiful blog full of art and creativity, and a wonderful resource …

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  • wooden towers made by kids

    Build It! Wooden Towers with Kids

    Woodworking is such an incredibly satisfying art experience for kids. They don’t often get to work with wood, so when my 4-yr olds came in to art class and saw wood pieces and glue scattered around the table, their faces just lit up. This is actually quite a simple activity with just a few supplies. …

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