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  • DIY Painting // XOXO

    I’m so behind on work. I seriously have piles everywhere (which is the truth if you knew me and the normal state of my house). But today I woke up to find that the “invitation to paint” I had put out for my teenage daughter yesterday during our snow day was left untouched. It was …

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  • handmade cards by Barbara Rucci for Art Bar

    ALT Summit 2015 + DIY Business Cards

    I know I don’t normally write about the business of blogging, but I still wanted to share a little bit of the experience I had in Salt Lake City last week. I just got back on Saturday night from 4 days at Alt Summit, a business conference for bloggers and creatives. It was pretty awesome to be surrounded …

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  • Valentine’s Temporary Tattoos for Kids

    My kids love temporary tattoos, and they are a great little gift for the kids in class because it’s not candy! I used a really cute “Mom” tattoo for these Valentine’s cards for the class last year. But now they are no longer available. Darn! I found one that is similar, though, so don’t worry. …

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  • Happy Handmade E-book by Molly Moo (Art Bar as contributor)

    Happy Handmade // Collaborative E-book

    I am very excited to share this awesome new craft E-book collaborative put together by the famous Michelle of Molly Moo! I feel so honored to be part of such a diverse and talented group of maker mamas. I just keep looking through the pages of this beautiful book and can’t believe how lucky I am to be a contributor to something …

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  • My Connecticut home on Design Mom

    Our Connecticut Home on Design Mom

    Today my house is on Design Mom!!! If you don’t know this blog then you’ve been missing out on one of the best. Created by Gabrielle Blair, mother of six, Design Mom is where motherhood meets design. Her daily inspirations are widespread and cover everything from DIY projects, book reviews, family-friendly travel (she moved to France …

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  • painted heart paper chain using watercolors watercolors

    Hearts Paper Chain

    The kids made these heart paper chains and they totally became immersed in the process. First we painted the strips of paper which they liked but didn’t love, I mean they weren’t really sure why they were painting 40 strips of paper. But then when I showed them how to staple them together, they were …

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  • kids make collage art inspired by Henri Matisse

    Painting with Scissors: Kids Study Matisse

    I’ve been waiting to post this series for months! I’m so excited to share the amazing art that my kids made in art camp last summer. We studied five artists over the course of a week and it was completely insane how much the kids got into it. Today I think it’s most appropriate to start …

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  • The Best of Art Bar 2014

    A walk down memory lane. A year of hard work, new beginnings and new friends, a growing family, and dinner on the run! Here we go… DIY 1. painted leaves // 2. good morning chart // 3. bird nests // 4. snowflake garland // 5. cake topper // 6. mother’s day card GARLAND 7. mini felt …

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  • world's easiest no-sew curtains, perfect if you rent your home

    DIY Curtains // World’s Easiest

    Rewind to the day before the first day of school, four months ago. My daughter wrote me to-do list two weeks before school started. She wrote ME a to-do list. Oh, the irony. I was instructed that everything needed to be done before the first day of school. Every night, around 10pm (grrr), I would …

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