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  • 13 Halloweens

    Warning: Halloweens make me cranky. When we celebrate Halloween this Friday, it will be my 14th one since becoming a mom. Every year I moan about it. Do I really have to retrieve that box of crap in the attic with all of the witches and skeletons? Do I really have to drape spider webs …

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  • Children collaborate to paint a fallen branch

    A Painted Branch // Collaborative Art with Kids

    This week for art class I tried something new. Our neighbor cut down some branches and left them on our property. They’d been there a while, actually. We kept thinking they would clean them up. As I was staring at them from the kitchen window Monday morning I thought that I should really make a …

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  • 16 Sensory Recipes for Squishy Play

    We make squishy mushy recipes all the time. I have a few favorites, and many that I still want to try. I thought it would be fun to do a round-up, and perhaps as much for me as for you! Now I will have all of the best recipes in one place. Here we go… …

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  • Dip-Dyed Pumpkin Garland

    I love when the vision I have in my mind’s eye comes to fruition. It never really happens all that much, I have to admit. I start many projects that I end up throwing away. It’s true! But I lucked out this time. I wanted to make a seasonal garland that was simple and light …

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  • make art journals with your kids from paper bags // teach them how to think like an artist!

    Paper Bag Art Journal for Kids

    Over the summer, I had art camp here every day for five weeks. On day one of each new session, the first thing we did was make an art journal. It was something that could be used throughout the week, if the kids were done with their projects early, or if they had an idea …

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  • DIY Watercolor Lacing Cards

    When I was a little girl, I spent most of my days sewing. My mom had an old-fashioned Singer sewing machine that worked by turning a hand-crank on the side. I loved that machine. I made lots of pillows, mini quilts, and little purses. Anything with straight lines. I still love sewing and try to …

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