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  • Name Stamps for Card Making + Free Printables

    We’ve had these name stamps for years. I make my kids new ones all the time. It never occurred to me to share this source until we made a stamp for my daughter’s friend for her birthday and the mom flipped over it!! We included a stack of notecards, too. It really was the cutest …

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  • kids can make little people from wooden pegs and fabric scraps

    Kid Made // Peg People

    This project happened without my involvement. It just…happened! I turned around, and there were little peg people being made. My daughter, age 14, was my helper at art camp. We had just finished making circus tents (that post is coming and SO cool) and I guess one of the kids wanted a little clown to …

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  • Typography: 10 Tips for your Blog Photos

    I am a font snob. It’s true. As a graphic designer, I am a total geek about typography. I even read type journals. People who design fonts are rock stars in my world. The reason I love fonts so much is because they are the foundation of good design. Sometimes I get asked how I …

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  • Painted Wooden Bead Necklaces

    Wooden bead painting has become one of my go-to activities lately. Whether for art class, or playdates, painting beads is such a lovely little art escape. It takes no skill whatsoever which therefore creates this calm atmosphere that is very relaxed and free. The kids start talking about what’s on their mind, and they connect …

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  • DIY Cake Topper {with template}

    I think this is the fastest turn-around post I’ve ever done! We had my daughter’s 12th birthday party this weekend and now here I am writing about it. It usually takes me a week or a month or more to sort through photos and write something. But seriously, isn’t this the cutest cake topper? I …

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  • beautiful process art ~ kids love pushing and pulling and scraping the paint around in their tray ~ mixing colors and seeing what will happen is one big art experiment and so much fun!

    Scrape Painting with Kids

    Process art is such a prominent word in art education. There are many people who can write about it much better than I can, like Meri Cherry, Stephanie from Twodaloo, and Mary Catherine from Fun-a-Day. If you want to dig a little deeper then definitely click on the links. In a nutshell, process art just means child-led …

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  • the most beautiful painted leaves

    14 Amazing DIY Painted Leaves

    Are you ready for Fall? Here on the East Coast, we had an absolutely beautiful summer. The most gorgeous, perfect weather that I can ever remember. It was one of those summers that made me feel like I was living in California, not Connecticut. Absolute heaven. Needless to say, nobody is ready for the cold …

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  • Magic Potion Party

    Remember when you were a kid and your mom let you use some of her lotion and baby powder to make potions in her bathroom? Or maybe you did this without her permission (like a certain person I know). I remember these secret mixology experiments like it was yesterday. It might be one of my …

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