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  • Weaving with Kids

    I’ve been a wee bit obsessed with weaving lately (ha ha), ever since May when I saw these beautiful pieces made by Rachel Denbow. After seeing cardboard looms all over Pinterest this summer, which totally fueled my fixation, I decided to make some looms myself for my little campers. The week we made these I had …

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  • Love This {six}

    And now for my monthly (ish) round-up of the things I’m loving these days. But first, a quote for my girls. School starts tomorrow for all three of my kids. My son is entering third grade, one daughter is entering sixth grade at the middle school, and the oldest is starting ninth grade at the …

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  • great art project for cutting skills and color recognition

    Rainbow Flower Collage

    My four-year-olds made these! Some of them had just learned cutting so it was definitely a challenge, but they were up for it and they persevered and I was so proud of them! I was inspired by this post from Deep Space Sparkle, an awesome website with so many great resources by elementary school art …

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  • Pop of Color: Minty

    I’m starting a new series today called… Pop of Color! I am a color enthusiast and am always torturing myself with what colors to choose. I love living vicariously through other people’s choices, though. It’s so much easier. Today’s color is minty! I put the “y” at the end because it can sometimes be a …

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  • Cardboard Theatre

    My fourteen-year-old daughter came home from her last day of 8th grade with this!! I mean….OMG!! I immediately took about a million photos of it, from all sorts of various angles. I was asking her a million questions, like how did she come up with this idea, how did she make it, did your art …

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  • Making Art with Bubbles

    A few weeks ago I received a surprise package ~ the new book by Holly Homer and Rachel Miller! These two ladies have an incredibly successful blog that you should follow immediately called Kids Activities Blog. They sent me a free copy, just because they like me I think. I immediately opened it and started folding down …

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