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  • 9 Etsy Typography Prints

    I have recently been scouring Etsy for some cool typographical art for my daughters’ rooms. I wanted to share some of the lovely things that I found. Any of them would make a very sweet addition to a small wall space or a gallery wall. Je T’Aime by Love Sugar, $24, 8 x 10 // …

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  • children make castles from recycled materials

    Princess Castles from Shoeboxes

    Last week in art camp the 4-yr olds made these beautiful castles. They were totally into it! We made them over a period of three days, with drying time. When they finally took them home, they were completely sturdy and ready for imaginary play! This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! Here’s …

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  • Graduation Day + Summer Sign

    Yesterday was their last day of school. I celebrated by making a sign. No more making lunches!! No more homework!! The calendar is clear of teacher conferences, recitals, carpooling and tutors for the next eight weeks. Woohoo!!! It also happened to by my daughter’s graduation day from 8th grade. I wanted to create a little …

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  • Pretty Little Bunting // Paint + Stamping

    Since I’ve opened up my home to art classes and art camp for little kids, I’ve had supplies out night and day. It’s been so tempting to just sit down and make something for myself. So I did…and I really think you can make this, too! A few supplies are needed: (affiliate links) Watercolor paper …

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  • send small works of art to someone you love!

    Make Art Mail

    We had a very exciting art class this week becasue the kids made mail! The 3-yr olds spent 40 minutes using watercolors to paint cards and envelopes. They were so excited to put them in the mailbox that I had to blow-dry their paintings so that they could mail them out ASAP. This post contains …

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  • DIY Painted Father’s Day Tie

    I bought this tie kit three or four years ago and every time I take it out, it feels too daunting. But for some reason it has been beckoning be lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve been rearranging my art supplies and I just keep moving it from one place to another. I guess I just …

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  • Etsy Finds for a Shared Space

    I’ve been on Etsy a lot lately because I’m trying to solve a space problem in my house. We have a room that is a shared space…half living room, half art area. I don’t want it to look too kid-ish since it’s my living room, but I still want it to be fun and playful. …

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