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  • A year of making, guest posts by Art Bar Blog on Small for Big

    A Year of Making

    It’s been one whole year of making from Art Bar on Small for Big! Today I am featuring a round-up of some of my faves. It is also a goodbye for me as I will be leaving my contributor position to focus on some exciting things happening here at home. Mari has been so generous …

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  • beautiful DIY bird nests made from paper, for kids young and old

    Make: Bird Nests

    This week I wanted to continue with our theme of birds and share with you this totally cool bird nest craft. OMG, they were so fun!! The best part being the last step which is so satisfying and beautiful that we all gasped (I wish I knew how to type a gasp…anyone?). There are bird …

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  • DIY Bird Garland

    Oh, how I wish I designed these birds! Aren’t they sooo cool? I found them on Etsy from Sabina at The Ink Nest. She has so many lovely birds to choose from I could hardly decide which ones to buy. (These are the geometric ones). They are $9 to download, which to me is a …

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  • Children and teens paint leaves with water soluble crayons.

    Make: Painted Leaves

    Today on Art Bar Monday over at Small for Big, I used water soluble crayons to paint these leaves on our vacation. Are you going on a trip soon with the kids? Don’t forget to pack a few art supplies! For other ideas about making art on vacation, check out these posts. Happy Monday! xo, Bar  

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  • Make Mornings Better {through patience + planning}

    I have three kids ranging from age 7 to 14. Their schools all start at different times, which makes my mornings very long (sigh). They also have three distinct personalities that come with their own morning challenges. One is sleepy and moody, not a morning person. One is up early but defiant and stubborn, needs …

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  • A Quiet Moment

    From the author Katrina Kenison, this passage struck home with me. “When I come to a stop myself, when I draw a circle of stillness around me, my children are drawn into that peaceful place. They visibly relax, as if my very calmness nourishes them. The impact of just a few minutes of quiet attention …

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  • make a name garland using paint chips

    Make: Name Garland

    I’m loving the way this garland came out. It’s super easy to make and uses all free materials….my favorite kind of craft! To see the full post and tutorial, hop on over to Small for Big. Happy Monday everybody!! xo Bar  

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