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  • Art For Littles // one

    For the past month I’ve really been wanting to write a new series that focuses on art for the toddler/preschool age. Since my youngest is seven, we have grown out of that stage. I remember those days “in the trenches” with such a mix of happiness and weariness. We did explore art, but I wish …

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  • recycled art ~ animals made from cardboard boxes ~ free animal templates

    Cardboard Box Animals

    We have quite a few boxes leftover from our move in December. Like, a hundred or a thousand. A sea of brown boxes. If any of you have moved recently, you know what a downer it can be to have these boxes still sitting in the corners of all your rooms. The recycler in me …

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  • Make + Share on Instagram // #makeit2014

    Are you on Instagram yet? Well hurry up and get on already! I know you. You’re like, what, another social media thingy? But trust me, it’s bonkers how much fun and easy Instagram is. Here’s why I love it (and why you should join a.s.a.p!!): 1) How often do you have your good camera on you …

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  • Love Letters

    This week my daughter and I had the privilege of inviting 20 girls from her class to our house to make Valentine’s Day cards for a very good cause. Here’s the scoop:, the largest non-profit in the US for young people and social change, has launched a campaign called Love Letters. Love Letters asks kids …

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  • Printable Valentine Coloring Pages

    Hello! I have been busy cutting and sewing quilts lately so I have been away from my desk. It’s been a while since I posted anything. But hopefully you’ve been busy, too…creating and making amazing things. Today on Art Bar Monday I am sharing these easy and sweet Valentine printables. If you are in the …

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