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  • Valentines Made by Hand {24 ideas}

    Moving to America when I was five was memorable for many reasons. Learning a new language for one, although I don’t remember that. What I remember most about my first year here was making Valentines for everyone in my class. It was like Christmas! Sharing what I had made for my friends, and receiving what …

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  • Make: World Flag Garland

    Today on Art Bar Monday on Small for Big, find out more about this awesome craft. And I do mean awesome. This one kept my kids busy for days and days. It’s actually still out on our table. But more than that, it sparked so many interesting conversations about the world. It was a way …

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  • A Love Quote

    I found this quote on Pinterest. Like many images on Pinterest, the source never led me to the original. I really wanted to print it out, so I made my own version. And I made this printable so you can print it out, too! This quote is so perfect because it reminds me to look for …

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  • Sugar cookies // dairy free

    Sugar Cookie Making {dairy free}

    We had our good friends over on New Year’s Eve, making cookies into the night. We then moved on to prosecco while the kids played, snuck out for a quick bite (it’s a good thing I have a 14 year old built-in babysitter), and watched the ball drop in our own beds at midnight. It …

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  • LOVE Garland

      Today on Art Bar Monday over at Small for Big, learn how to make this artsy LOVE garland. It’s a variation on last year’s Valentine’s theme, with the painted newspaper, but you can make it any way you want. Like most of my projects, there is lots of room for variation. Make it your …

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