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  • This Year // Resolutions

    I have made a New Year’s Resolutions printable for you! Fill it out easy or hard, whatever the mood strikes. (Or leave just the words…they are resolutions enough!) My resolutions are more about getting organized and doing the things I’ve been wanting to do for the last few years. I love a new year. All fresh …

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  • Siblings + Love This {four}

    Spending time with my sister and brother this holiday, and watching my own kids (who have the same birth order as I did growing up) made me realize once again that sibling relationships are like no other. My kids, they fight a lot. All three have strong personalities…there is not one of them who is …

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  • Paper Snowflakes // Table Runner

    Making paper snowflakes can be one of the most frustrating or most satisfying exercises ever. For little hands with dull scissors, it can be tough. Depending on the child, I think age five-to-seven is a good time to start practicing and letting them handle a sharper scissor. At first, make the snowflakes simple with just …

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  • Yarn Star Ornaments

    Today is Art Bar Monday and the kids made some gorgeous ornaments that I wanted to share! I love this idea of wrapping pipe cleaners with yarn. It’s not only charming and pretty, but therapeutic. (And yes, more pom-poms.) You’ll need pipe cleaners, a star cookie cutter, and yarn (and if you really want to be …

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  • Pom-pom Napkin Rings

    Let’s skip the part where I talk about my pom-pom obsession, and get right down to the making of these amazing little things. If you can make a pom-pom, you can make these! They are so easy, and very Anthropologie-esque. Start with making a pom-pom. There are many ways to do this. I used pom-pom …

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  • Giant Christmas Tree Paintings

    This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! While we had the paints out from our teacher gift tags, the kids spied the big paper and wanted to make big paintings! From small format to big, there’s nothing children love better than changing things up. For these paintings you will need large format watercolor paper …

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  • Painted Teacher Gift Tags

    It’s Art Bar Monday over at Small for Big! Today I will be sharing these DIY gift tags. You can download and print them onto watercolor paper and let the kids create their own little works of art. Fill in the backs with magnificent words of love and praise, and you have yourself a keepsake to …

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