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  • Breakfast Apple Crisps

    Today I am sharing with you one of our favorite desserts. The way we make it is so healthy (and sugar free….shhhhh, don’t tell the kids) that I often serve them up for breakfast. Topped with our secret dairy-free alternative to ice cream or whipped cream, these little guys are the best. Breakfast Apple Crisps …

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  • 25 Halloween Ideas

    Here is a list for all of you out there who, like me, doesn’t get very excited about decorating for Halloween. My kids are always begging me to ramp it up. And we get over 600 little trick-or-treaters coming to our house every year (that’s a fact), so the pressure is always on! Over the …

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  • Homemade Birthday Banner

    Today on Art Bar Monday over at Small for Big, learn how to make this colorful no-sew birthday banner. It’s a pretty easy tutorial, plus you can keep this one for life and bring it out for every party. I love crafts that have a long shelf life! Have a good week! xo Bar  

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  • Make Something + Love This {three}

    It’s time for my monthly (ish) round-up of the things I’m loving these days: Love This {three} 1. This post from comedian Kelly MacLean about surviving Whole Foods is hysterical {and true}. 2. We had toast for dinner, and it was brilliant. 3. Do your kids play sports? This is the best parenting advice {from the kids …

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  • Pony Bead Napkin Rings

    This is a craft we have been making versions of for years. There is nothing super original about pony beads and pipe cleaners, but I still love the way these turned out! Everyone had fun making them, from little people to big kids (plus a grown-up or two). Threading pipe cleaners with beads is a …

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  • Holiday Postcards

    Did you know that I have a postcard company? It’s called Late Night Cake and today I am launching my third full season! Here is the very condensed version of why I started this business. I had been making postcards for my own family for many years. I loved that they were quirky and completely original, I …

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  • Goblin Garland {Halloween}

    Today on Art Bar Monday on Small for Big, learn how to make these funny little goblins with recycled materials from your house, and a free goblin template. We had so much fun setting up our collage table and making these little guys because they reminded us of Yoda. A garland of Yodas for Halloween …

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  • Best Blankets {favorite 20}

    The leaves are starting to change here in Connecticut, and the mornings are crisp enough that we are creeping into the winter storage every morning to find sweaters, vests and cozy socks. Every year at about this time I wish I had one of those houses where you change the slipcovers, drapes, pillows and linens …

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